I mean why not? I have a job. My dog might as well have one too. I mean she can pull her own weight a bit. Every morning I leave the house before 5 am to head to the radio station. I say good bye to Chipper.

I feel when I get back home she is still in the same place. What has she been doing all those hours? My guess is nothing. I love her, but come on--help me out with all the dog food I buy. All the treats, the beds, all the toys, all the leashes. I even got her a doggy door into the garage, countless dog kennels, and even a automatic feeder. It's time that I have a little more to show for it all.

Now is Chipper's time to bring home the bacon, so to speak. Or the beer. I was reading about this yesterday morning and thought, why not give her a shot at this? Busch's Beer is hiring for a CTO, otherwise known as a Chief Tasting Officer. Chipper can so do that. She loves to eat, as you can tell by her chunkiness. Beer would be great for her. Of course it is non-alcoholic. I am not a bad owner.

Apparently, if hired, she would be paid $20,000. Heck yeah. Along with the money, she would have pet insurance and free dog brew. Heck, it comes with benefits. I love everything about this.

Knowing that the dog brew that went on sale this summer sold out almost instantly I think others love it too. It's basically a beef broth beer for doggies. I can get behind that, and so can Chipper.

You can read more about the brew HERE. So how do you help your furry best friend to get this job? Easy.  Dog owners can submit their furry friends for the role on social media by posting their pet's photo and qualifications with the hashtag #BuschCTOcontest.

So excuse me while I get my Chipper's resume updated and on her way to making us some money.


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