My wife rolls her eyes at me every time we go out to eat. It never fails; I'll get the biggest burger on the menu. Here's where you can go in Amarillo to find the biggest bacon burgers that are totally worth the money.

The OMG Burger - Beef 'O' Brady's

You can find this behemoth at Beef O' Brady's. With this one, you get 12oz. of Angus beef. There are four slices of cheese, and four crispy slices of bacon. Of course you get the usual veggies. It goes perfect with a side of curly fries. This is my go-to burger.

The Big Lebowski - Feldman's

There are times when I'm craving Feldman's Wrong Way Diner in Canyon. It's one of my favorite restaurants. My kids love the trains. When it comes to burgers, this thing is a monument to all that is burger-dom. In fact, it's served cut in half with two steak knives holding it together.

It comes with six slices of hickory smoked bacon, two slices of American cheese, two fried eggs, lettuce, pickle, tomato, onion, and mayo. This is my special occasion burger.

The Brazos Burger - Hoffbrau

Hoffbrau makes a mean burger. You get certified Angus beef cooked medium. The Brazos Burger comes with candied bacon that has been basted in Shiner Bock. It's also topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, and fried onion strings. The candied bacon gives the burger a very subtle sweet taste that goes excellent with the heat from the jalapenos.

Cheese Curd Burger - Buffalo Wild Wings

Remember how I said that my wife rolls her eyes when I order at restaurants? This is one of those times. We go to a wings joint, and I order a burger...a Cheese Curd Burger.

This one starts off as a pretty standard double bacon cheese burger. It is a double patty burger, both patties are hand smashed. It has two slices of American cheese on it. Lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickle are present.

It takes a left turn when it comes to the Wisconsin white cheddar cheese curds piled on top along with the chipotle BBQ seasoning. It's all served on a challah bun. One of my favorite recent discoveries.

Bacon Ranch Hungr-Buster - Dairy Queen

The Bacon Ranch Hungr-Buster is a 1/4lb burger that sticks to what's important. This one is all about the beef and the bacon. The catch with this one is the combo of pepper jack cheese and Hidden Valley Ranch. It gives it a nice little zing. This is a new addition to the DQ menu, so be sure to look for it when you go.

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