I recently witnessed an argument over where to get the best tacos in Amarillo. Everyone has a personal preference. So I decided to ask the Internet to see how right or wrong it could be on who has the best tacos in Amarillo. Here's the Internet's answer in no particular order.

Braceros on 6th

I love Braceros on 6th. It's one of my favorites in town. However, I don't think I've ever ordered a taco. Several reviewers said Braceros has the best tacos they've ever had.

Yellow City Street Food

These guys also came up really high on the list. Several stars and glowing reviews later, and they find themselves near the top of search results for the best tacos in Amarillo. Guess I need to go try one.


Holy smokes, David's. I don't know much about the tacos there, but the fajitas are pretty fantastic. Seriously. My wife and I shared one of their fajita platters, and it destroyed our expectations in a great way. Maybe skip the tacos and go for the fajitas. Just my two cents.


I've never tried Sapito's, but the reviews have me wanting to fix that. This is another one that has garnered several gold stars and reviews saying things like, "...best tacos I've had in my life." Might be worth checking out to see if it's all hyperbole or if they're seriously that good.

Dona Juanita's

The most interesting review I read belonged to these guys. The reviewer wrote that they ordered three tacos and regretted it...because they were so big. How's that for a plot twist? The reviewer also said they were delicious, and the ratings for this place are pretty high.

Where is your favorite place to get tacos? Did the Internet get it wrong? Let us know so we can get this list right and do away with arguments about tacos.

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