Valentine's Day is on the way. Have you found your special someone? No? Well, there is some good news for us here in Texas. If you are single, this is not a bad place to live. Texas is actually took second place as the best state for single people to live in. Florida beat us by just a smidge. This is good news.

I am single and ok with that. So I am not looking but it is good to know that if I was interested I live in a great state for being single. Amarillo also can be a great place to date. I mean how many restaurants do we actually have? You can try so many different places and never repeat for awhile.

Drive up and down I-40. There are millions of restaurants. Then don't forget all the good places on Coulter, Bell, Western, Georgia, Paramount, Soncy, and Grand. We have great places to go out on dates.

This is how this list was decided they looked at different factors besides just restaurant availability. They looked at online dating, affordability, drink prices, percentage of single adult and gender ration, just to name a few. This is how we came in second. Texas is good for us single people.

So let's rejoice if we are single and looking here in Texas. The states we need to avoid? New Mexico tops the list of the worst for single people. Just a heads up if you are looking to travel and meet "the one." Though you can find that person right here in Texas.

So if you are single do not lose hope. You can find that special someone anytime you leave your house. You never know.


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