If 2020 showed us anything it is how stressed we are these days. We need to learn to control that but it can be hard. We are missing out on sleep. We are missing out on a lot of good for us things. We don't get out as much with our family and friends because of stress.

Do you find yourself taking forever to fall asleep? That is something that I struggle with. Even when I fall asleep I don't sleep through the whole night. What about dreams? Do you seem to have more stressful ones? Oh yeah.

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I dreamt about work last night. I was trying to figure out a problem in my dreams. I was trying to get a spreadsheet filled out. Work is occupying a lot of my night time. It is called Next Day Anxiety. Have you heard about it?

This is when you lay in bed worrying about the next day. You worry about projects you are working on. It's worse right now because both places I work have thrown a lot on me. I am just trying to keep my head above water. I know it will get better but the sleep is definitely lacking and it's all because of Next Day Anxiety.

We end up replaying today's events, what could you have done better to fix a problem? It doesn't help if we drink too much caffeine that makes the anxiety even stronger. Then it seems as soon as I fall asleep my dog needs to go out. Anyone else have a dog like that? It is like she just knows and wants me awake with her. Luckily I love her a bit.

So let's all vow to do what we can to leave work at the door. Sometimes it is not possible but the more we can do it the more successful we will be overall.

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