I have had two dogs for the past twelve years. They have been best buds. Cinnamon and Chipper were both Puggles, half Pug and half Beagle, the weren't from the same litter but they sure thought so. They were both the same age. So really they were like sisters.

They have been through literally everything together. So when I had to put Cinnamon to sleep earlier this year I wasn't sure who it was going to sadden more. Me or Chipper. How do you explain that to a dog. So not long after all that happen that is when Covid hit so I have been home. I have been home A LOT.

So when Chipper started acting up I really thought it may have been because of me being around. I really thought that maybe all the Zoom and Team meetings were spooking her. There were all these voices and she didn't know where they were coming from. It was either that or she didn't know how to accept the passing of her sister. To be fair it still could be a little of both. The year 2020 has been difficult on a lot of us....that is for sure.

I had some friends in town recently who really are in touch with animals and their issues. They were the first to tell me that Chipper was showing signs of anxiety. They even suggested getting her a Thunder Shirt. Heck I never even heard of such a thing.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

It is perfect for dogs with anxiety. Regardless of what is causing it. Maybe it's thunder, fireworks,car travel, separation anxiety or just something like my Chipper is going through. Yes, part of it is separation anxiety and one is just not knowing where the heck her sister went.

So I ordered her one and it just came in on Tuesday. So I have been working with her on getting used to it. It's basically a big hug for her at all times. You start off taking it out of the box and putting a treat on it....and letting her eat it off of it. Then it's the actual putting the shirt on her.

I thought it was going to be difficult and she would fight me the whole time. The first time was not easy because I had no idea what I was doing. I only have her wear it during my workday and especially when I am going to be on calls. She still whimpers some but I really do think it is helping.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Have you ever used this or another product to help an animal deal with anxiety? Comment below.