When I hear the Tri-State Fair is approaching, my mouth begins to water. The fair is my gateway to the fall holidays. You can have the Indian Tacos, Funnel Cakes, and fried pickles. The turkey legs are mine. I love "Turkey Leg" season.

If you recall the dad in "A Christmas Story" you'll know he loves turkey, ALMOST has much as I do. Bumpus hounds be damned. It's turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas, if you want to dance with me.

There is something primal about walking around the fair midway, with a turkey leg in your hand. It's a food, yet, it's a weapon, Somebody reaches for your turkey leg? Bang them once soundly with the leg bone and get back to your business.

My favorite holidays are in the fall. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, more than my birthday. Probably because I don't get turkey on my birthday. But I do on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can be three blocks away and hear the little stopper pop out of the turkey, yelling "Come and get it!" And I do.

Yes, let's have those mashed potatoes, green beans, and of course, dressing. Mountains of it please. Keep the cranberries for someone else. There is no room on my plate for it, After the second trip, and a couple of touchdowns from the Cowboys, I'm ready for dessert. My wife makes a great cheesecake and I see it twice a year. Right next to the turkey.

Enjoy the fair, and enjoy your favorite foods. If you see me near the Turkey Leg place, please beware! Wave your leg around me, and I'll take a bite out of it. Truth.

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