We don't talk about it often. We hardly mention it all. The bathroom is the most important aspect of any building you go inside. Everything could be perfect on your trip to wherever, but if the bathroom is off the whole trip gets ruined.

I think I've found one that is not only clean, but is also the most unique bathroom in Amarillo.

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Amarillo Is Home To Some Apparently Impressive Bathrooms

I'm not a bathroom connoisseur. I'm never in a bathroom admiring its finer points. So, I decided to consult the experts.

I went to the toilet enthusiasts on YouTube. Yes, it's a real thing. One user has posted several videos from Amarillo.

For instance, the Red Robin women's room apparently had very nice and rare toilets.

The 8th floor of the Amarillo Building is only "decent" in comparison.

After a quick study on what to look for, and honestly I'm still not sure, I set out to find a truly unique bathroom in Amarillo that is actually more than just a place to take a potty break.

The 806 Coffee + Lounge's Men's Room Is An Experience

I can't comment on the quality of the fixtures other than to say that they get the job done. What sets The 806 apart, is the art on the walls.

They're covered in sketches, quips, and poems.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

A lot of the art on the wall goes far beyond the standard bathroom stall graffiti. There's even a dinosaur.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

If you're ever on 6th and need a cup of coffee, stop in The 806 and take a peek inside the restroom. The women's restroom, from what I hear, is just as colorfully decorated as the men's.

Check out this gallery of the gallery inside the men's room of The 806 Coffee + Lounge...

The Bathroom Art Of The 806 Coffee + Lounge

The 806 Coffee + Lounge is Amarillo's hub for art and alternative culture. That includes the men's room.

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