News recently came out about a new Universal theme park that is coming to Texas. It's a one-of-a-kind theme park being put together by Universal Destinations and Experiences. What makes it one-of-a-kind is who the theme park is being built for. It definitely isn't for everyone.

One Of A Kind Universal Theme Park Coming To Frisco, Texas

Universal Kids Resort is the first theme park from Universal to be built specifically with kids in mind. The theme park is designed for families with small children. If you have small children, you know that taking a small child to a theme park usually doesn't end with them having the best time ever. There are a lot of rides and attractions that just aren't designed with them in mind.

This theme park seeks to change that.

A Universal Theme Park Designed Just For Kids In Texas

The theme park is going to be designed with the youngest of us in mind. There are going to be themed lands with family-friendly attractions, interactive and playful shows, and even character meet and greets according to a press release.

It's exciting. As a dad of a three-year-old, I wish we had more destinations like this. He's constantly being told he isn't big enough to enjoy things at a lot of places we go. Even when we go to "arcades", he can barely sit up high enough to see the screen or wrap his hand around whatever controller he's supposed to use. It's a constant battle for him to just have fun in a world designed for people bigger than him.

New Kid-Friendly Theme Park Is Part Of Kid Centered Resort

The theme park is part of a larger kid-focused resort. The resort area will offer a 300-room-themed hotel for families to enjoy after spending a day exploring the theme park.

You can find out more on their website.

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