As the winter storm barrels through Acadiana, unfortunately, we are seeing some folks losing power. As of this writing, there are some 3,300 Acadiana residents waking up to no electricity.

Dealing with the loss of power in a winter storm is even more crucial to our safety and well-being than power loss during a hurricane.

And just like post-hurricane, many without power will turn to their generators to help stay warm during these sub-freezing temperatures.

Please stay safe when running your generator and remember these basic rules:

  • Do not place generators inside of any structure
  • Do no place near open windows or doors
  • Do not use in wet conditions
  • Do not refuel when hot
  • Do not use a wall outlet

Every year, carbon monoxide claims hundreds of lives and makes many more ill. We don't want this storm to add to any statistics.

Remember, if a generator isn't used in a well-ventilated area, toxic levels of this colorless, odorless gas can build up quickly.

Please use your generators safely should your home lose power.

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