Vaping is only for those 21+, and can potentially be addictive. This is not an endorsement of vaping but a look at whether or not we have more Toot'n Totum locations than anything else in Amarillo, Texas.

Vaping seems to be a big deal everywhere these days, and that includes Amarillo, Texas. Thinking recently about the number of vape shops we have in town, I began to wonder if we have more vape shops than Toot'n Totum locations. The answer was a lot more interesting than I expected.

How Many Vape Stores Are In Amarillo, Texas?

It seems no matter where you go in Amarillo, Texas, you can find a vape store. If the street you're on doesn't have one, just pick a direction and go a couple of blocks. There will be one waiting for you.

The interesting thing about Amarillo and vape stores is that all of these stores don't belong to one company or even a couple of companies. There's a lot of variety when it comes to vapes in Amarillo, Texas...for some reason.

Doing a search on Google for vape stores, and pulling up the results on a map gives you this:


The grand total, according to this Google map, is a whopping 19 vape stores. That's how many vape stores you can shove inside of Amarillo, according to the information that was gathered.

That's a lot of super fruity mint-flavored smoke in the heart of the Texas panhandle. With that much vaping going on, you'd think we'd smell more like a tropical produce market than a feedlot.

I digress.

How Many Toot'n Totum Locations Are In Amarillo, Texas

I was prepared for the answer to this one. I had a feeling how this would go, but I didn't expect it to be so close. We all joke about there being Toot'n Totums on every street corner, and there's a little bit of truth in that. Once again, if you don't see a Toot'n Totum near you, just go a couple blocks and you'll find one.


So, how does Toot'n Totum stack against vape stores? We have 20 Toot'n Totum locations according to the map above. There is supposedly only one more Toot'n Totum location in Amarillo than vape stores.

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