The Conrad Lofts in Plainview, Texas have a very interesting history. The building actually is one of the earliest Hilton Hotels built by Conrad Hilton. Now, it's a beautiful apartment building. In between is where the stuff of spooky legend lives.

Was it really a hotel of horror, or is that just small town stories in Plainview?

The Fifth Hilton Hotel Was Built In Plainview, Texas

The "old Hilton Hotel" in Plainview, Texas was the fifth Hilton Hotel built by Conrad Hilton. According to the Texas Historical Commission, it was built in 1929 next to a Greyhound bus station. It sounds like it was some kind of beautiful centerpiece for the downtown area.

It was supposedly open until the 1970s, after which point it sat empty and abandoned.

For the most part.

Was The Plainview Hilton Haunted?

According to the legends and lore out there (which sounds like a bunch of regurgitated made up nonsense), yes it was. Not only was it haunted, but it was filled with the presence of true evil.

When you go digging online for stories regarding the supposedly haunted Hilton Hotel of Plainview, Texas, you come up with plenty of results. There might be a few variations from website to website, but the gist is usually the same.

Satanists (I kid you not. That's the going rumor) decided to pull their own version of Project Mayhem and became squatters in the abandoned hotel. In all honesty, it wouldn't be a bad place for squatting. The private club, ballroom, several floors..there's a lot of real estate to love.

So, Satanist squatters took over in the hotel, making it suddenly not-so-abandoned. According to the (poorly put together) legends, they summoned all kinds of nefarious nonsense into that hotel, thus making it haunted.

There is supposedly a story about what was room 529...yet, no one will go into detail about what that is. If there's a story, but it never gets told, does it even exist at all? I have my doubts.

There's something goofy about a Bible that was laying on the floor, and if you walked in the room, the wind would blow and move the pages. Maybe, whatever it was that was hiding in there was just excited to have someone to share its favorite passage of scripture with.

Supposedly, curtains would move on their own. You could see shadows moving in the windows. It was the standard small town haunted building type stuff.

Was The Hilton Hotel In Plainview, Texas Ever Haunted?

It doesn't seem likely, does it? There's a handful of loosely put together stories that don't make a lot of sense, and honestly, seem pretty generic. Small town rural Satanists turn squatters perform their unholy rites in an abandoned hotel. The end result is they all grow up to move on and become accountants in the big city, while what they summoned remains behind.

That actually sounds like the plot for a movie I'd love to make once the strike is up.

It honestly sounds like this is just a beautiful building that sat empty for decades upon decades, and kids decided to make up stories to scare the crap out of each other. Fortunately, the building was restored and turned into apartments, and is now a testament to its previous glory.

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