You would think, more than likely, that if your place was haunted you wouldn't want to advertise it on your Airbnb listing. You would probably be better off just keeping that bit of information to yourself. There is one couple in Texas who couldn't disagree more. They've actually not only embraced the fact that their home is haunted, but they've found a way to make a buck off it.

This Texas Airbnb is actually really proud of the fact that it's haunted.

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The Haunted Magnolia Hotel Bed and Breakfast is more than just a mouthful to say. It's supposedly got a chronic case of things that go bump in the night.

The Magnolia is located in the historic downtown district of Seguin, TX. Back in the frontier days of Seguin's past, the Magnolia was a pretty busy hotel and later it was a boarding house.

The hotel famously housed all manner of traveling salesmen. It's such a big part of the house's history, you can buy snake oil bottles that have been found on the property.

Jim and Erin, Airbnb
Jim and Erin, Airbnb

In fact, there's a lot you can buy. There's all kinds of souvenirs; from lucky buttons to bath-bombs in the shape of a ghost. Speaking of ghosts...

There's a lot going on at the Magnolia. So much so, that you're encouraged to do some homework before you show up. Read up on the history of the place before you spend a night with access to the entire second floor of the haunted Magnolia.

There are all kinds of ghosts that you might encounter in the "un-renovated" area of the hotel. Some enjoy having books read to them. Others will knock on the wall if asked. Some just want to play.

Jim and Erin, Airbnb
Jim and Erin, Airbnb

There are some rules you'll need to abide by. A big one is no filming. The hotel is now also the private residence of the owners, hence the reason you'll spend most of your time on the second floor.

I don't know I buy into the haunting. What I do know, is that there is a ton of memorabilia, books, bath bombs, lucky buttons, and other trinkets for you to buy. So, even if you don't come across a ghost, at least you can get an "I survived the Haunted Magnolia Hotel" t-shirt.

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