Airbnbs have changed a lot since the early days of simply renting out your house for a weekend. There are some very unique Airbnbs out there, including this boxcar in Amarillo that got a shout out on TikTok.

Allow me to share with you, the most "oh wow, whaaaaat?" style Airbnb that I've come across yet: the Boxcar Bunkhouse.

Unique Airbnb Away From it All


Watching the video about the Boxcar Bunkhouse, the first thing that stands out is the peaceful location of one of our most unique Airbnbs. In the quick exterior shots, you see nothing but wide open spaces outside the front door.

Which sounds great if you're needing a quiet get away.

Plenty of Room, Even For a Boxcar

Next, for being a boxcar it actually looks pretty roomy thanks to the video. Sure it's pretty much just one long room, but the way it's arranged and furnished gives the area a nice flow.

It looks like a really comfortable place to stay.

The Shower Steals the Show

The most interesting aspect that's pointed out in the video is the shower. At one point, it was the ice chute for the boxcar. The shower looks like it has a ton of room, which is great news if small showers make you feel claustrophobic.

The Listing Puts it as Part of Wallace Ranch

Checking the Airbnb listing for the Boxcar Bunkhouse, it's a part of the Wallace Ranch just south of Canyon. The listing states that the boxcar is 111 years old, and has been restored and converted into this very unique Airbnb in our area.

It's one room with a queen bed.

If you're a fan of traveling and unique locations, definitely check out Vagablonde Aubree's TikToks. There are a lot of unique and exotic locations, plus the tips given in the videos are great to keep in mind the next time you're planning a big trip.

Here's a little sneak peek of the Boxcar Bunkhouse, if you so please:

This Unique Boxcar Airbnb Will Have You Ready To Hop A Train!

You want a unique Airbnb? Boy, do we have one for you.

Get ready to stay the night in a place you'd never imagine as "comfy": The Boxcar Bunkhouse.

Located outside of Canyon, Texas, this 111-year-old boxcar has gained a new life as an Airbnb and it's adorable. The countless rave reviews left by previous guests also serve to add a little shine on this listing.

All board!

This Huge Cabin In Palo Duro Canyon Is Top-Notch Glamping

This cabin is (to us) the definition of "glamorous camping".

This three bedroom rental is tucked away in the Palo Duro Canyon. It's a cabin with serious room, meaning it can fit up to eight guests--a girls trip, family vacation, or any bigger group.

The cabin is available for booking through and the description along with the provided photos is enough to catch the eye of anyone ready to get out of town and away from it all.....without having to go very far.

It's a beautiful place with woodwork throughout, full amenities, and all the mandatory electornics (and WiFi!). If a group of people were to split the cost of their stay between each other, it is without a doubt one of the most budget-friendly options for vacations.

The four day minimum stay required to make a booking is the only drawback to this diamond in the rough of a rental property--but it's nothing a little planning ahead and vacation time can't remedy.

La Casita Del Sol Bed & Breakfast

This beautiful bed and breakfast is located in Amarillo's historic Plemons district at 1607 S. Harrison. Listed at just a little over half a million by Madison Wall of Keller Williams this is a true hidden gem of architecture and history.

Home Is Where the Hangar Is

This is a home for the true aviator! Listed by Triangle Realty, LLC, this is one unique piece of real estate that's perfectly suited to some pilot out there.

WHOA NELLY! This $4 MILLION Property Is Definitely Not What You'd Expect....

This is not what you would expect to see listed for $4M on the housing market. But the more you scroll, the lower your jaw will drop. This incredible, sprawling property is the epitome of "roomy". It's listed with Triangle Realty, LLC and you better bet your bottom dollar that we're curious as heck as to who will be the lucky one to snatch up this horse-lover's dream come true.

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