As Airbnb rentals have gotten more popular over the years, the competition has gotten more fierce. Just having a place to rent isn't enough anymore. There needs to be a hook, something that sets it apart. We've got everything from private arcades to mineral pools.

This Airbnb offers you the chance to stay in a "saloon" and gives you impressive views of the Texas panhandle.

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The Airbnb is saloon-themed and exists inside of the imaginary old west town of Sunset Village. In reality, it rests near the small town of Happy, Texas. Happy isn't really the kind of place you would expect to find an Airbnb, which is probably what makes it the perfect place for something like this.

The Sunset Saloon by Chesley is all about western charm.

Chesley, Airbnb
Chesley, Airbnb

Not only is there the rustic charm of the "saloon," but you also get an impressive view of the Texas panhandle. One of the things we love the most about living in the panhandle is the sunsets. They're incredible, and this Airbnb gives you plenty of unobstructed space to soak up those sunsets.

Even the outhouse adds to the unique rustic beauty of the property. Thankfully, there's a bathroom inside the saloon. Would hate to spend the money to book an Airbnb, and then find out you're adding to someone's compost.

Chesley, Airbnb
Chesley, Airbnb

This Airbnb is all aesthetic. There isn't a ton of room. It's definitely something geared more toward one or two guests. You'll probably spend more time on the patio or balcony enjoying the peace and quiet, and the views than sitting inside.

Check out the photos below for more of the saloon Airbnb of Happy, Texas.

Saloon Airbnb In Texas Panhandle Is Scenic Wild West Getaway

Saloon-themed Airbnb in Happy, Texas provides a rustic wild west getaway with beautiful views of the Texas panhandle.

Gallery Credit: Charlie Hardin

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