There are a few quirks about Amarillo that you may not notice if you grew up here... I remember when someone first told me that a "water store" wasn't a thing in most places. I remember being sad for everyone who doesn't get to experience the greatness of freshly brewed tea or RO water whenever they want. Sounds like a place I wouldn't want to live!

Quirky or not, everyone in Amarillo loves Waterstill. After many years in the same location, they expanded their shop back in 2016. Along with the expansion, they decided to add another location just a few months later.

After years of consistent growth and multiple customer requests, they have decided to add a new store on the Southside of Amarillo.

The new store will be located around the United Supermarket on South Soncy rd.

No details have been released on when the store will officially open.

Congrats to the Waterstill team! It is the best thing to see a local business thrive.


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