You need to relax a bit. What is the best way to accomplish that? Well you could go ahead and meditate. Will that relax you?

Maybe. Maybe not. According to a new study your phone could really help you in this situation. I mean if you use it to play a game. It will relax you even more if you pick a game that you actually enjoy.

In fact playing a game on your phone is just as relaxing as meditating. Sometimes playing a game is even better.

During the study the researchers had the participants play a game on their phone after their long day of work. Another group used a mindfulness app to help them with their breathing and doing meditation exercises.

The group that played games ended up more relaxed than the ones who meditated. Oh and the more the person liked the game....that person was even more relaxed. Those that meditated felt worse the more days they actually did it.

So the takeaway is there is a real benefit to unwinding after work with a great, fun and challenging game that will help you feel like you are in control. So grab your phone after work.....stay off Facebook or any news sites and just play a game!

I still like to play Trivia Crack and Song Pop. I'll have to pay attention to whether I am more relaxed or not after I play. What do you play? Comment below.



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