Sometimes things just happen. Sometimes they become traditions. Here is one I didn't know would happen. I'm so happy it did.

Back in 2017 I found this great birthday card for my massage therapist, David Rabson (Therapeutic Massage Techniques) I have been going to him for YEARS. It just happens that his birthday is a couple days after mine.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I just jokingly, inside said this!

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So he did! He saved it a year and gave it to me last year when I had an appointment near our birthday's. So then, yep, I kept it the following year and returned it to him a couple weeks ago.

Now he has the task to hold on to it for another year. He will return it and update the year and sign it next year. We always think the toughest job will be remembering in a year where it is located.

It's been kind of a fun tradition. It's only been 3 years but we are going to try our darnedest to keep up with it.

I keep the card, when it is in my possession, on my mantle of my fireplace in the living room. So far that has worked out for me. We have joked that we will have to move over to the left of the card.....or even the back. I should have originally wrote smaller. I just no way thought he would actually listen.

It's really fun. My sister and I did the same thing for year's with our anniversary. I wrote her a check (yes, that is how long ago it was).....for her gift on her anniversary and she returned it to me on mine. We kept up with that for years......until we both ended up getting a divorce. It was a really fun tradition!

Do you have any great traditions like these? Comment below.