I know it is not the outcome you anticipated. You pull out your turkey after it has been cooking all day. Regardless if you used the oven, the deep fryer, the smoker or even the Instant Pot, it didn't turn out right.

I am getting you prepared for next week. No, I don't expect you to need back up plans. Aren't those plans better to have and not need them though? So you may want to save this just in case.

What is The One Thing That Will Ruin Your Turkey for Thanksgiving?

The turkey is just too dry. Maybe you just didn't cook it enough but there is not enough time to save it. Or maybe it just has a weird taste to it. You didn't like your choice of seasonings. Don't worry you can still save Thanksgiving.

You may go out an hunt for a place to still have a traditional turkey dinner. You may just be to the point that you are over it and you just want a burger. I get it. It can be frustrating.

There are Places Open That Can Save the Day

You may not have time to cook another whole turkey but you can take the family and make a new tradition. There are several places that will be open on Thanksgiving that you can head out for a great dinner.

Thanksgiving is really all about spending time with your family. All is not lost if your turkey is horrible. You can still have those memories and can look back and laugh about this someday.

Amarillo Restaurants Open Thanksgiving if You Ruined Your Turkey

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