When my daughter was growing up we had a few traditions that we still keep up with to this day.

Once before I mentioned how I wish her a happy birthday at 9:11 am or pm (her bday is September 11th) she does the same for me at 7:26.

When she was growing up Faith, out of the blue, at bedtime said (instead of I love you) "Love you love". I am not sure where that even came from.....but it stuck.

Now the trick was once those words were said we were not allowed to say anything else. We had to go to sleep and that was the official end of the day. It was a way that we could end the day with telling each other that we love each other.

Such a really sweet traditions. It, though, had its rules that we had to make sure that we were held to.

If we talked again we both had to say "Love you love" again to each other and stop talking. It was such a sweet thing she started at about 4 years old. So this is still an on-going tradition.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

We still to this day do it.....even if it is just via text. I feel that the day she gets married and walks out of the church with her husband....I will be running behind her screaming "love you love" as she leaves for her future.

What are the family traditions that you have? Even if you don't even know how they started.




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