So it is Summertime, and the flies are insane this year.  I had a friend post on facebook that the flies were taking over her home and that she needed some great ideas to get rid of them.  So I asked the Mix FB fans some great ways to get rid of and keep the flies away and here are some of the great answers I got.

China Photos/Getty Images
China Photos/Getty Images

Ziplock Bag Remedy

You fill the bag halfway with water and add a few pennies to the bag.  Then hang or tape the bag by your door.

This is supposed to repel the flies.

PineSol Remedy

In a spray bottle mix 50/50 PineSol and Water.  Spray down your counters, your doors, your patio.  Flies apparently cannot stand PineSol

Peppermint Oil

Wipe down everything in peppermint oil.  Apparently, the flies hate this as well too.

Dish soap

Mix a few drops of dish soap in a spray bottle with water and lightly spray everything.

Bug Zapper

I remembering sitting on the porch as a kid and just being mesmerized by this thing that would instantly fry a bug when it flew into it.

Solution for dogs to repel flies

Sarah tells us this works on her dogs to keep the flies off.

1oz citronella or lemon dish soap
1c cider vinegar
1c water mix & put into a spray bottle spray all over dogs. Avoid their eyes. I spray it on my hands to rub on their faces & the under side of their ear.

Alas, I think the best suggestion to get rid of flies was a


However that might do more damage than good.

So what is your sure fire way to get rid of flies?

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