Only 51% of Americans are planning to celebrate Valentine's day, and that's down from an all-time high 2007, according to a new survey. Are we less in love or are people sitting out a made-up holiday?

Because nothing screams romance than analytics, here's some new stats about Valentine's Day and a few of them may surprise you!

Celebrating Valentine's Day may be on a downswing but spending isn't. In fact, it may come in this year at an all-time high. Average spending is predicted to be $162 and that's up $143 last year. Yes, you need to do something about it, this year.

Men plan to spend more than double what women plan to spend. No surprise here, as Valentine's Day, is mostly a guy doing something nice for his Valentine.

The top five things women want to do the most on Valentine's Day are: 1.Go out to dinner. 2. Get takeout and drink wine 3. Have a good conversation 4. Have sex. 5. read a good book.

The top five things men want to do on Valentine's Day are: 1. Go out to dinner 2. Have sex 3. Get a drink at the bar. 4. Get takeout and drink wine and 5. Watch sports on TV

41% of people who have a pet, say they'll probably post a pic of their pet on social media today, Half of women and a third of men will remember to say "I love you" to their pet.

What are your favorite things to do on Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments below.


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