You walk in the house, after a long day a work. There is a new smell emanating from the kitchen. Upon inspection, you discover you are eating brains for dinner. Just like The Walking Dead.

I like to think that I'll try any food once. I'm a Texan, so I eat a lot of things, that would make others wrinkle their noses. Calf fries, menudo, and tongue-or lengua, as we call it.



Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

I can't eat brains. I just can't. That it contains "milk gravy" doesn't matter. I do have questions:

1. What does it smell like cooking?
2. Does it taste like it smells? Liver comes to mind.
3. Is this product still made and sold? Yes!

My parents were kids during the depression and I understand when you're hungry, you'll eat...whatever. I have made, 2 good attempts to eat liver. I couldn't. I'll eat calf fries until the cows come home, and menudo (which IS the greatest hangover cure in the world) but I draw the line at brains.

Maybe, if I ate them, before I was told what they were, they'd grow on me. Too late now.

What is the strangest thing, you've ever eaten? Tell us in the comment section below.

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