Last year on a trip to Palo Duro Canyon, I was walking along what appeared to me to be a dried out river bed. It was getting hot, and I was looking for a shady place to rest for a minute and get a drink of water. When I finally found a spot and sat down, I was surrounded by something I didn't expect to see.

I was surrounded by what looked like light pink crystals laying all over the ground.

Palo Duro Canyon Holds A Lot Of Beautiful Surprises

There's a lot to see and discover in Palo Duro Canyon. It's honestly one of the greatest treasures we have in the Texas panhandle. Every time I go down into the canyon, it feels like I see something I've never seen before.

For instance, these pink crystals. Recently, a friend shared a post they found online about someone asking about these very same pink crystals. It looks like they were able to find an answer to what they are.

According to the information they were able to gather, they suggest that it is pink gypsum. I think they're right.

Gypsum In Palo Duro Canyon

Doing a bit of research, and having seen these rocks and crystals myself, I came across a book online that contains a wealth of information about the canyon. In it, there's a whole section devoted to gypsum in Palo Duro Canyon.

Now, before any one gets excited about "raising their vibration" or "cleansing their energy" with some raw, natural gypsum; you need to remember a very big, basic rule of visiting state and national parks.

Don't take anything home with you. It's illegal to take the park home with you, so to speak. Admire it. Take a photo of it. Leave it where it is.

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Take a trip into the past with these spectacular vintage postcards, you'll be inspired to take a hike!

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