A Back to School survey by Opinium Research reveals that 19% of adults were loners in high school. Read on for other interesting findings.  Let's face it, we were all in our own little cliques in school.  There were the popular kids, jocks, drug heads, and nerds.  Where did you fit in?

  • 15% of adults say they were 'cool' and popular' in high school
  • 9% of adults say they were a 'geek' in high school
  • 14% of adults say they were a 'jock' in high school
  • 16% of adults say art class was their least beneficial class
  • 7% of adults forged their parent's signature while in school

According to Elitedaily.com, as adolescents, we were fiercely attached to our high school cliques. They stay up really late talking on the phone about love, life and drugs with our friends. It was a mortal sin to show up to a party without our trusted teen army surrounding us. We ate, breathed and slept friends.

This is a really interesting article to check out as you or your kids start back to school.  Click to read it HERE.

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