A survey by Sainsbury's reveals that 66% of mothers dressed up for their child's first day of school. Read on for other findings.  Turns out, most mom's treated the first day of school like preparing for a date!  Here's some interesting facts:

  • The average mother spent 25 minutes on perfecting her hair and make-up in preparation for her child's first day back
  • 58% of mothers refuse to drop their kids off at school without make-up on
  • 80% of mothers don't leave home without running a brush through their hair while 75% would never drop the kids off at school if they were wearing the same outfit as the day before.
  • 15% of parents have asked their partner or neighbor to run their kids to school because they 'didn't look up to it'.
  • 70% of mothers are nervous about what other moms think of them.
  • 80% of moms encourage their children to get themselves ready for school so they have more time to perfect their look.

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