What the heck is a bike tree? That's a good question that I think most people would ask when given the information that such a thing exists. In a press release earlier today, the City of Amarillo announced the addition of such a tree to some trails in Amarillo.

So, what is a bike three? There's only one place in Amarillo to find out.

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No, It's Not A Tree That Sprouts Bicycles

Although, that would be something I would like to see. Decide one day that I would like to take a leisurely ride in a park, and just pick a Huffy off a branch.

It's a fun idea, but not what's actually going on.

No, this bike tree is another piece of unique art that will be calling Yellow City home. It's a 12 foot tall sculpture that, according to the press release, features 12 bicycles. It weighs around 600 lbs, and is 6 feet wide.

The impressive work of art will get its grand debut tomorrow.

Where To Find Amarillo's Bike Tree

The bike tree is going to mark the entrance to the hiking and bicycle trails at Rick Klein Sports Complex. According to a statement in the press release from the City of Amarillo Parks and Recreation director, Michael Kashuba, it symbolizes what the trails and complex are all about.

The sculpture was donated by local artist, Orville Ladehoff.

The grand debut is at 11 AM on Sep 7. After that, you'll be able to enjoy and marvel at the only bike tree I've ever heard of in my short time on Earth; and it will found at the Rick Klein Sports Complex.

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