Some posts have been circulating around social media recently, asking about the water at Lake Meredith. Usually when this happens, it has more to do with the water that isn't there than the water that is. This time, it has to do with the way the water looks.

What is really happening here with water at Lake Meredith?

Why Is The Water At Lake Meredith Different?

One of the posts on social media shows the waters of Lake Meredith, the person who made the post says that the waters were really blue, and there was a tinge of red near the shore. They said it was the most beautiful they had ever seen the lake.

Sounds like mud being stirred up to me.

Several people jumped into the comments to help the person out. The most common answer given was that the lake is "turning over."

What Heck Does It Mean When A Lake Turns Over?

It means, basically, exactly what it sounds like. Water on top goes to the bottom. Water on the bottom, goes to the top.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

What I think was most interesting, are some of the conditions that inspire turnover.

One, it's seasonal. It happens in lakes all over. It happens in the fall, and can happen in the spring. Changes in temperature help speed along the process. Strong winds can also help contribute to the phenomenon.

Sounds familiar. So far, out of the reasons given for the current sight of the waters at Lake Meredith, this makes a lot of sense...I suppose.

Just Bring On The Lake Weather!

I don't care if it's rolling over, rolling under, or sitting up and being a good boy. While the views can be beautiful and interesting, I'm ready to get out on the lake. I'm ready for more sunsets and sunrises near the water.

Bring on the lake weather!

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