Lake Meredith near Amarillo, Texas is one of my favorite places. The sunsets and sunrises are unbelievably beautiful. It's usually very peaceful and calm. Recently, I came across a list of National Park Service incident reports and found the list of reports made at Lake Meredith. The strangest thing found at the lake? More than likely a bomb that was found over 30 years ago.

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30 Years Ago, A Bomb Was Found At Lake Meredith

The incident report dates back to 1991. According to the incident report, an employee with the water authority discovered what was believed to be a pipe bomb in the lake. The report states it was made from an 18-inch section of galvanized pipe, and that it had been in the water for weeks or possibly months.

The fuse had burned down to a cap, and the employee pulled a long portion of the fuse out before transporting the pipe bomb to a safe location.

The report says that the bomb was found at the north end of the dam.

Why Would Anyone Have A Pipe Bomb Out At The Lake?

The report concludes by stating that the pipe bomb was being guarded in a remote area and that the bomb squad was on their way. Thankfully, no one was hurt during the entire ordeal.

It does leave a lot of questions unanswered, though.

First, why was the pipe bomb out at the lake in the first place? Did some lunatic try their hand at dynamite fishing? Was it a nefarious plot to damage the dam at Lake Meredith? Did some butter-fingered individual drop their pipe bomb while making their way across the dam?

I tried searching for a follow-up in the NPS reports, and couldn't find one there. So, I decided to search for news stories about a crazy plot involving a pipe bomb at Lake Meredith and still came up empty.

How did a pipe bomb wind up in the water near the dam at Lake Meredith in March of 1991? It may forever be a mystery.

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