I love this time of year.....fall is basically here.....and the Tri-State Fair is in full force. The fun....the rides....Oh and the food!

That delicious food that we all crave. They get us addicted I tell you. So that we keep coming back! Oh and boy does it work!

Whether you are one of those that goes one time while the fair is here...or every night. Maybe you just go with a group from work during lunch. You know when there is no gate admission. It doesn't matter everyone has a favorite food!

I am no different. I love the Indian Taco. It is fry bread topped with deliciousness....ground beef...lettuce....onions...tomatoes...cheese....sour cream....jalapenos. I have always been told it was meant to be shared.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Melissa don't share food! I do eat it all by myself. I am not ashamed. The fair is only here once a year.

It's also so good that sometimes I bring some of this greatness home for later.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Pictured above...the fried pickles.....a corn dog....and how about that yummy stuffed sopapilla! I mean really too much food....too little time.

What is your favorite food to eat during the Tri-State Fair? Comment Below.