It shouldn't be surprising. If there's an opportunity to take things to another level in Texas, then we're going to do exactly that. It makes sense then, in regards to fair food, that we would encourage the creation of delicious artery busting concoctions with their own awards.

Of course the State Fair of Texas has awards for deep fried madness.

The Big Tex Choice Awards Are Very, Very Real

As a fan of deep fried madness at any fair I'm attending, I can appreciate these awards. They encourage vendors to be as creative as possible while helping us completely destroy our insides. Honestly, they're doing God's work.

The thing I love about the entrants into this contest is the fact that they go way, and I mean extremely, way beyond the normal fried foods you'd expect. Fried Oreo? Not unless it has queso, ice cream, and a pickle on top.

They might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.

The Awards Span Only Three Categories

It's truly competitive. Instead of creating enough categories to give almost everyone an award, there's only three. Best tasting - savory, best tasting - sweet, and most creative.

Looking at last year's winners and finalists, it makes me salivate while at the same time I can feel my stomach recoil in horror. The winner of savory was a fried charcuterie board garnished with olives.

A fried charcuterie board. Insanity.

The sweet looks sweet enough to give my dentist an unexpected heart attack. The same goes for the most creative. Again, my mind screams, "This looks delicious!" My body just screams.

This Year's Competition Seems To Have Raised The Bar

I went looking through this year's list of finalists, and again...I'm ready to dive in while my guts prep for a threat-level-red.

There's a thing called a Butcher's Block that has mac and cheese piled high with brisket, chicken, bacon, jalapeno, sausage, and is drizzled with brown sugar chipotle sauce.

Looking through the list, you see the words "deep fried" next to some crazy levels of meat and the word jalapeno enough to make you sweat and you haven't even taken a bite yet.

It's intense.

The sweet dishes are just as deep fried as the savory, and sound like the kind of stuff our parents got mad at us for creating while unsupervised in the kitchen. There's ice cream, syrup, and sugar all over the place.

Do We Have Anything Like This For The Tri-State Fair?

I would like to believe I'm wrong, but it seems like we don't have anything quite like this for the Tri-State Fair. If we do, then I need to obviously pay better attention and I'm sorry I've missed out. Maybe we could talk about getting the word out in a bigger way? I'd love to get in on that action.

If we don't, then I personally volunteer my taste-buds and my guts as tributes. I would love enter the Tri-State Fair foods Hunger Games and wreck my stomach for the sake of letting everyone know what is top tier.

Think it over and call my people.

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