Texas is full of abandoned places and ghost towns. Oil booms, ranch wars, and the taming of a wild frontier left a landscape dotted with the crumbling remnants of what used to be.

When it comes to ghost towns in Texas, which one is the most famous?

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How Do You Even Determine What The Most Famous Ghost Town Is?

There are so many ghost towns in Texas, it's hard to decide on which one is most famous. So, I went to YouTube and decided to let it make the choice for me...in a roundabout way.

When I went digging for info about ghost towns in Texas, I came across plenty of videos listing out what the "best" ghost towns in the Lone Star State are. There were a few differences here or there, but one place showed up in every video I could find.

It doesn't always land at number 1, but it's always there.


Is Terlingua, Texas The Lone Star State's Most Famous "Ghost Town?"

It seems like it. Over the past several years, Terlingua has been the subject of several documentaries. It has appeared on TV shows, and has become a destination for vacationers and those looking to live away from it all.

In fact, calling Terlingua a ghost town really isn't fair nowadays. Depending on when you go, there's a lot happening around the once abandoned town.

Once A Ghost Town, Always A Ghost Town?

When you dig for information about Terlingua, you're bound to come across video blogs, articles, and documentaries that all feature at least one person saying, "stay away."

The allure of the area used to come from the fact that there was nothing out there. Land was cheap. If you knew how, you could go out into the desert and live completely away from it all.

With all the people visiting and moving to the area around Terlingua, I don't think it's that fair to call it a ghost town anymore. It's seems like it's caught a second lease on life, to a certain extent. There's a nice theater, shops, places to stay, and residents in the area.

Still, its claim to fame is being a ghost town. That, and the chili cook off that takes place every year; and that album recorded by Jerry Jeff Walker and the Lost Gonzo Band.

Check Out These Photos Of Ghost Towns On The High Plains

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Can You Guess These Towns From Their Satellite Photos?

I'm always down for a good brain challenge. This one however got the best of me.
It's always a fun time looking up address or cities and seeing them from a satellite point of view. You start pointing out landmarks and things you recognize.

One thing you don't account for however is something looking bigger or smaller than you seemed to think it was. So we started grabbing a bunch of these satellite pictures of cities and towns around Amarillo.

As we looked at them, we thought to ourselves, "how fun would this be to actually have to GUESS what these places are?". So away we went.

Go ahead and try to see how many you can guess correctly!

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