Who would have imagined that a decade ago, Facebook would eventually become integrated into almost everything we do online?  From keeping up with the news and with family members, to using your Facebook credentials to login to other services around the web; it has become something we almost can not go without once we have it.  What happens when you suddenly are revoked access to your account and given no reason why?

I recently went through quite an adventure after being denied access to my account, and given no reason why.  I tried reaching out to Facebook in as many ways as I could find, but in the end, all I had was Twitter (they did respond to my tweets).  Eventually I was given access again.  The strange thing about it is that even when I was given access, I didn’t receive an email saying that was the case.  I got a message from a close friend on Messenger saying I was showing up in search results again.

A week later and things were going as well as they ever had.  Then I received an email from Facebook saying that it "looks like I’m having problems logging in."  I stay logged in.  I fear round two may be on the way.

If you find yourself suddenly without access to your Facebook account over the holidays, there aren’t many options available to help you get access back.  Here is the link to the form you can use to request assistance, but it wasn’t much help when I used it.  If you find yourself in Facebook Jail for being a little naughty, you have been given reasons and a window for when access will be restored.  For those of us who just suddenly disappear (you won’t even show up via search), you just have to ride it out.  For some it is a few days, others it has reportedly lasted a month or longer.  If you plan on sharing your holiday festivities this year, it might not be a bad idea to use Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.  Don’t put all of your “digital-eggs” in one basket.

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