Do you have a deep love for Whataburger? Many Texans do. We have pride in our burgers like we do in our hats, cattle and boots. 

We can spot the orange and white stripes from far away, and will drive many miles out of our way to enjoy the tasty deliciousness of a whataburger. It's what Texans do.

One Texan in the Fort Worth area loves the chain so much that it carried over into the chicken coop. Trisha Ruiz's Whataburger themed Chicken Coop is gaining attention. When her husband asked her to move to the country she had two conditions.

She couldn't be more than ten minutes away from a Whataburger, and she wanted to raise chickens. Her husbands answer was the Whatacoop. Designed like the original A-Frame Whataburger structures, the coop even has lights.

She's been getting attention with her famous chickens for a couple of weeks. Checkout her video of this Dallas newscast, and her famous 'coop.'

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