You spend a lot of time at work. The people you work with become your second family. You need to make your desk a reflection of you.

So look at your desk right you have stuff on it that just makes it feel more like you and your personality?

I have 2 work desks...and the one here at the radio station has 2 bottles of sand that I got from the beaches in San Diego, CA, a few years ago. I also have some souvenirs from my trip to Chicago this past summer.

At my other job.....I have a collection of stress balls. Apparently those relax me....I have all different kinds. I also have a pen holder my daughter, Faith, made me when she was 4......and a picture frame she gave me one year.....with our pictures in it.

What do you have at your desk? What screams "this is me", this is my personality? Comment below.