With the numbers going up in Amarillo the announcements coming out is really not a surprise. We have to be smart and find a way to get back to normal but safely. There once again has been some pauses or cancellations.

We found out Amarillo High School and Caprock High has paused some of their games. Now the announcement came out from The Amarillo Bulls that they are doing the same. According to their announcement the Amarillo Civic Center is shutting down effective the 27th. They will not be letting people in for any activities.

The Amarillo Bulls kicked off the season Halloween Weekend at the Amarillo Civic Center. They have since been on the road. Their next game is coming up on Wednesday. The day before Thanksgiving. They will have fans allowed to attend that game as the shut down starts a couple days later on Friday.

The Amarillo Bulls will then be back on the road until December 8th where they are then scheduled to be back home In their announcement this is how the team decided to handle it:

As a result of the city directives, we have rescheduled the first three games in December to later dates to be announced soon. Meanwhile, we will continue to do our part to ensure Bulls Hockey remains operational so that our players have the opportunity to pursue their dreams of obtaining college scholarships.

Yes, this is a great move even if it means we will have to have some games later on without fans. We need to stay safe but we also want to make sure these kids have the opportunity to play and secure those scholarships that they have been working so hard towards getting.

credit: Amarillo Bulls Facebook Page
credit: Amarillo Bulls Facebook Page


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