Christmas is such a fun time of year.  Then the time comes to rip open all those Christmas packages that have been teasing you under the tree.  Every family has a different tradition when it comes to opening Christmas presents. 

Happy family at christmas opening gifts together
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So when the holiday rolls around and the day is here, how do you do your Christmas presents?  When do you open them.?

Do you open all your gifts on Christmas Eve and just do Santa gifts on Christmas Day? Do you open all your presents on Christmas?

When I was a kid we would go to my Dad's mom's house, my Meme and Papa's and we would celebrate Christmas with them.  Then on Christmas Day, we would open all our presents just me, mom, dad and my brother.  Then after that we would go to my other grandmother's house and do Christmas dinner and open gifts with the entire family.

We celebrate with Josh's family the week before Christmas, we make cookies and decorate them, then open presents, and watch Christmas movies.  Then the next day go shopping and spend all our gift cards.  On Christmas Eve we gather at my mom's house.  E opens his traditional gift of PJs and a small gift.  Then we eat tamales for dinner and make hot chocolate and just hang out watching 24 hours of The Christmas Story on TV.  Then on Christmas morning all the kids come running out of the rooms and we tear into Christmas.

That's how my family does Christmas presents.

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