OK...to be fair this is more of a corporate decision and why a lot of corporate businesses are bad. They are not as concerned about the little people as they are about their bottom line.

I am a part of their Balance Rewards program. Oh, and I shop at Walgreens A LOT! I did anyway. I feel now that it may not be as frequent. I collect my points and save them.

They always ask if I want to trade them in every time I am shopping. I think I have about $80 or more in my account.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM


I always say the same thing; "No, I save my points so that my daughter can shop for her family at Christmas time." That is it! I don't use the points myself. I give them so that my daughter, who likes to buy for her family, (me, her dad, and two brother's) has a little to help her shop. She waits tables and has a lot of bills.

So if I can help by making it a little easier. I mean isn't that the spirit of the holiday? It is better to give than receive?

Well Walgreens just took that option away from me and my daughter. They went to a new policy that you can only cash in up to $5 a visit to Walgreen's. Really? That sure seems awfully cheap for a big corporation.

What can anyone get for $5? Doesn't seem like much of a Rewards Program. I probably wouldn't be as upset if they raised that limit to say $20. A decent present can be bought for that....but $5? Really?

What really is the difference if you lose $80 from my daughter at Christmas time when I often drop $100 or more every time I go in? Oh, and I go in A LOT like I said.

I always said I loved the convenience of running in Walgreens as opposed to having to run into a busy Walmart for the few items I may need. Of course, I tend to impulse buy every time I walk into Walgreens. I feel now that my trips will be limited when I need something quick now.

I need to find a new company that isn't afraid to lose a few bucks at Christmas for my loyalty (oh I know there is no way Walgreens is really losing out) because my daughter is using my Balance Rewards points. That is just ridiculous!

So my daughter and I are now cashing in $5 every time we go in just to use of the points and then we are moving on. I am saddened by this because Walgreens is close to my house and convenient.

I just get disappointed when for the past few years I could be a loyal shopper and my loyalty helped out my daughter. Come on Walgreens!

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