Texas bars and nightclubs remain closed due to Governor Abbott's COVID-19 pandemic restrictions regarding social distancing. The Texas Bar and Nightclub alliance based in Austin would like that to change sooner than later and have derived guidelines which it has submitted to the Governor for consideration to reopen establishments. Those guidelines list establishments that consist of 51% license and 50% license. Percentages indicate if a liquor license holder makes more than 50% of its income from the sale of alcohol.

The recommended guidelines for a Texas Bars reopening  are as follows:

51% licenses will maintain occupancy in accordance with CDC recommendations and in collaboration with the state, aligning with full-service restaurants.

51% licenses will install tables and chairs to eliminate open areas and encourage patrons to sit instead of stand to maintain social distancing.

51% licenses will hire additional door staff to ensure that social distancing guidelines are met and that groups of patrons do not form. This will also provide additional jobs for Texans.

51% licenses will adhere to the Texas Restaurant Promise adopted in the Phase I opening of restaurants.

Coordination with local city governments to maintain the suspension of road closures in entertainment districts.

Adoption of single use plastic cups and paper plates.

Mandatory and supervised use of hand sanitizer before entry and re-entry.

Encourage all staff to retake TABC certification class online.

All staff must wear masks during operating hours and encourage patrons to wear masks.

Enforcement: TABC has legal authority to immediately suspend any license that poses an immediate threat or danger to public safety for 90 days.

The Governors Office has not officially responded to inquiries about reopening bars to date.



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