We're all familiar with many of the horror movies based in the Lone Star State. There's the one about a guy with a chainsaw that has spawned several sequels and remakes. There's another one about a town the dreaded the time after sunset. Something I didn't realize is just how good Texas is for filming a horror movie in.

In fact, Texas ranks in the top 10 states to film horror movies in, and landed near the top.

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According to a study recently conducted by InsureMyTrip, Texas is the state with the second most horror movies filmed within its borders. Number one is obviously California. It's hard to beat Hollywood at their own game, I suppose.

According to those who did the research, what makes Texas so attractive for filmmakers is the landscape. We've got it all from forests and plains, to beaches and mountains.

Add in the absolutely wild history of this place, and it does seem like a pretty good spot to tell a scary story. The most popular town to film a horror movie in, in the Lone Star State, is Missouri City, Texas.

Whatever it is they're doing in Missouri City is working. There's been over 90 horror films that list it as a filming location.

The study states that well over 1,000 horror movies can claim to have been filmed on a location somewhere in the Lone Star State. I wonder how accurate that is though. What about all of the independent movies that get made? Do all of them get counted? I imagine that number could be way higher.

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