The firework shortage this year is 100% real. A lot of the fireworks stands and stores have been mentioning that if you don't get in there early, there may be nothing left for you to grab.

Not to mention that because of the shortage, the prices of fireworks are slightly up as well. Let's just say it's not exactly an ideal situation this year, especially coming off a year that exploded like a firework in the worst way.

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So where can you go in Amarillo to buy your fireworks, and do any of them have deals going on? Here's what we found:


This standalone store is located at 12782 S. Coulter and has a pretty darn good selection of least at the time of this article. You're going to find all the stuff you're looking for, from kid friendly stuff to the things that go boom in the sky. Shoot The Moon will definitely get you what you need to put on a show. The best part about them? We found on their Facebook page that they're STILL doing "Buy One, Get One Free" deals there, so you're definitely going to get the most bang for your buck here.


TNT is the place you see all over town. Not just here, but almost everywhere in Texas (I saw them all over in Austin too). TNT is typically stands that you find on the side of the road, and for the size of the stands, they've got a TON of stuff for you to choose from. Normally TNT is really good about running specials, but so far I haven't seen them post anything online. You may wanna stop by there and see if they've got some hidden deals you can take advantage of.


With several locations around Amarillo, Mr. W Fireworks carries all the same favorites you'd need to put together a heck of a good time. However, if you check out their website, you can sign up to receive coupons that can save you some dough. I can't tell you what kind of coupons you may receive, but saving a little cash just means you can buy a few more than usual. Definitely worth checking out.

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