Most of us learn to play soccer, before any other team sport. Around here, Kids Inc, get kindergartners kicking big softballs, around to learn the basics of the game, and become part of a team.

Then comes football, volleyball, basketball, and other sports as high school nears, and suddenly soccer begins sliding down the list of interests. For me as a student, soccer was a recess game. As a parent, soccer was Saturday afternoons in the park, cheering on my boy, as he scored goals, or blocked a sure shot.

My interest in World Cup soccer began when two things intersected: 1. My son's continued desire to play, past the Kids Inc age, and the arrival of HDTV. I knew more about the game, and frankly, I could follow and actually see the ball in HD. A lot of my friends just don't care for games, that end 1-0 and I get that. But, these athletes are running up and down the field, for 90 minutes, and the referee can, and does, add more time to that. You have to be in amazing shape, to play for a World Championship.

There are bad guys and good guys. Cheap shot players and personal favorites. Soccer is the one game, that countries all over the world play and it's fascinating to see the different styles. See if you can pick the "Best Actor" who rolls around the ground in supposed pain, to draw a flag for the other team. You can hate on the countries you don't like and cheer the ones you do.

Unlike the other sports who play yearly to determine the World Champs, the World Cup is played, every four years. This time it's in Russia and it started off with a big upset, as Mexico defeated the current title holder, Germany, in the first game in the first round. Unfortunately, Team USA missed out on qualifying this time around. The number of teams will increase in 2022 from 32 to 48, so there is a chance the American team will make it next time.

That doesn't mean, the game can't be exciting! HiDef TV means, it looks better than it ever has. So, follow the bouncing soccer ball this year!

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