Sometimes you see things that make you question humanity and wonder how the human race can be so cruel.

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Why? How? I Don't Understand?

Those are the questions I have asked myself since the moment I saw a post on social media about a beautiful Momma dog trying to protect her babies.

A sweet momma dog was found laying in an alley, injured and in pain.  Both mentally and physically.  Not only was she found in the alley, but found laying next to her 6 new babies.  Her babies were dead because they had been killed, in a very heinous way.  Whoever left this sweet momma also stabbed her in the neck.  She stayed with her babies, even though she herself was dying.

Animal Control rushed to her aid and got her to the city vet.  Luckily, the city vet was able to get her bleeding stopped.  The Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society was able to step in and get her further treatment.  The poor momma dog was in shock.  The APHS staff was in shock as well.

How could someone be so cruel?

According to the Facebook post:

Not a single staff member involved in this girls rescue today had a dry eye.  We are angry, we are outraged, we are heartbroken that someone could do this, but we know right now our focus needs to be on saving this momma.

They are committed to paying for whatever this sweet girl needs, but they are a non-profit that helps animals in need and could use your help.

After everything this dog has been through she had nothing but love and trust in every person she met. Even in shock and so weak from the amount of blood loss, she gave us a tail wag.

I know if you are an animal lover like myself and your fur babies are part of your family, you are disgusted with how someone could be so cruel to just murder 6 innocent puppies, stab the mom in the neck and leave them to die in an alley.  That takes one messed up person.  I do believe in karma, and I truly hope this person is found an prosecuted to the full extent the law will allow.

This girl does have a name, her name is Raja.

How can I help?

If you would like to help the Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society, they have several ways you can donate.
Venmo 💸

Here's the latest update on sweet Raja.

There is a criminal investigation going on to find out who did this to Raja.

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