Yesterday, was a monumental day for England, let me reiterate, FOR ENGLAND.  The Royal Baby was born.  However, why do we as Americans care?  It was everywhere yesterday, it's all over morning news shows today.  Heck we, Mix 94.1, even got on the bandwagon with the Royal Baby was born and it was a boy.  However, as the day went on Facebook and all social media went crazy.  I mean CRAZY.  Not only that, but, every media outlet from here to Timbucktu (yes I did type that) we crazy.  Why?


Yes, that baby is Royalty.  That baby could be King one day, but King of England.  Is it possible that the reign of America could ever be under British rule again? I highly doubt that.

So why is it that so many Americans have gone "gaga" over this baby?  Is it the fairy tale aspect of the whole thing?  "Awww, the Prince of England had a baby."  Is it the romantic aspect of it.  It seems that Americans (and I use that in a general sense) love the romanticism of the British monarchy.   Back in the day it was the marriage of Charles and Diana, then the birth of William and Henry.

Now the marriage of Prince William and Kate and now the birth of their child.

Do we go crazy over this because it takes our minds away from the political BS that surrounds us everyday.  The constant negativity of the news.  The bickering of politicians, the government policies, the killing sprees, health care, unemployment, immigration, gun control, etc.

For once, does the birth of British Royalty take our minds off all this chaos that surrounds us here in this country?

There was a reason our forefathers left their home in England and came over to America.


That meme just made me laugh.

No matter what the reason is for the craziness over the Royal Baby, it is a part of pop culture.

Were you excited about the birth of the Royal Baby.