One of the first things anyone should do when moving to a new city, is join as many Facebook groups as possible. You'll get a lot of insight from the posts and comments. You'll learn about the culture, what there is to do around town, and which restaurants are best. One question that I had when joining groups in Amarillo, Texas, was why are there so many restaurant review groups? The answer is simple.


As of today, I counted no less than eight Facebook groups devoted to restaurants in our area. Why do we need that many groups to discuss restaurants in Amarillo? They range from "The REAL Restaurant Review" to "Restaurant Reviews At Your Own Risk." All of them discussing the same topic; restaurants in Amarillo.

The simplest answer to the question is freedom; namely freedom to express yourself as you see fit. There have been multiple fractures and splits over the years regarding what should be allowed in a restaurant review page. These fractures and splits have resulted in the insane number of restaurant review pages all covering the same topic, just in different ways.

Some are under the impression that you should review only the good things that you find. Others feel that you should be able to speak openly about the experiences you've had that left something to be desired. Even then, there's a split on how you should handle the negative reviews. Some believe you should be able to speak your mind without holding back. Others feel like you should be...respectful.

Amarillo Restaurant Reviews....At Your Own Risk is the one that exists for speaking your mind without holding back. As of right now, the group has around 22,600 members and their numbers are growing.

The "At Your Own Risk" part is the kicker. I recently read through a mountain of comments arguing over the implied meaning of the word "loaded." It's not just a place for calling out bad restaurants. Often, you'll find people sticking up for the places they love.

This is when the group becomes gold. You also get the occasional individual who takes it upon themself to educate everyone on how to behave, and the results are usually hilarious.

Give the group a try. They're having a big give away for when they hit 25K.

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