It was an amazing sight to see all those big longhorns being driven down Polk Street and to the Tri-State Fairground.

During the Coors Cowboy Club Cattle Drive a contest was going on to see who could get the best photo.  It was themed "Show Me The Beef."  It was David Pendergrass who captured the best photo during the Coors Cowboy Cattle Drive.

“This was the fifth year for our contest and like the others, it was very successful. Congratulations to everyone who entered. We look forward to seeing your entries again next year,” Dan Quandt, VP of the Amarillo CVC, said.

Congratulations to David, it was an amazing and beautiful photo that captured the cattle and our downtown so beautifully.

David won $500 for the photo.  David also won the contest in 2017.  So this man knows how to take pictures of a cattle drive in downtown Amarillo.


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