It's become a tradition in the Texas Panhandle to drive cattle in the heart of Amarillo.

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Don't miss your opportunity to see this amazing sight as real ranch cowboys drive Texas Longhorn cattle in the streets of downtown Amarillo.

If you have never experienced a longhorn up close or ever seen a cattle drive, this is a bucket list experience.

The Coors Ranch Cattle Drive kicks off three days of activities for the Coors Ranch Rodeo.

The cattle drive will start at 6 pm, Thursday, June 2nd, down Polk St. to Third and down to the Amarillo Tri-State Fairgrounds.  Make sure you get there early so you can get a great seat to experience the longhorns from the front row, err. the front curb.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM Amarillo
Michael J. Rivera/TSM Amarillo

These majestic animals are amazing to see up close.  It's an art to see these cowboys keep these animals moving down the road.   It's a wonderful experience.

It's time to make plans to head downtown.  Tell your boss, you need to leave a little bit early on Thursday to grab your kids and head downtown to see the longhorns.

Then Friday the rodeo action kicks off with the first performance of the rodeo starting at 7 pm at the Amarillo National Center followed by the Outdoor Dance and Party.  The second performance is Saturday, June 4th at 7 pm also followed by the Outdoor Dance and Party.

The Longhorn Cattle Drive is free to the public.

Rodeo tickets: $25.00 Adults $15.00 Kids 7-12 (tickets include food and brew events and outdoor dance).

The 2021 Cattle Drive in Downtown Amarillo

The Downtown Amarillo Cattle Drive is an annual tradition that kicks off the Coors Ranch Rodeo. After Cattle Drive was put on hold during the 2020 pandemic, but this year it came back better than ever.

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