I'm not getting into the issues, which side everyone should fall on, or any of that. You want a conversation on the issues, come find me and we'll chew on whatever topic tickles your fancy. This is about something much more important that where I land on the issues.

You need to make sure you are registered to vote in the upcoming elections. If you need to be persuaded, I know where you can get registered and get some food at the same time.

There's Really No Reason To Not Be Registered To Vote

Until we the people decide that we want the rules to change regarding how this nation is governed, we all get a vote. One. Single. Vote.

That's it. You can join a protest or a movement, but in the end you get just one vote.

That's how you really make your voice heard.

Registering is easy, and as we get closer to registration cutoffs, I assume we'll see a lot of events designed to get your registration taken care of.

Get Registered On July 23

One such event will be taking place on July 23. It will be held at 500 S. Filmore in Amarillo, Texas, at the Potter County Courthouse.

According to a social media page for the event, it will last from 3 PM until 7 PM.

The page also mentions that beyond getting you registered to vote, there will be music and food.

If I've learned anything since moving to Amarillo, it's that Yellow City can not have an event without great food and live music. It is also mentioned that local businesses will be a part of the event.

If you aren't registered to vote, I recommend getting it done sooner rather than later. It's one less thing to worry about.

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