A quick-thinking woman bravely put herself in harm’s way to rescue two children in a runaway van recently. And although the woman’s rescue attempt didn’t quite go according to plan, she somehow managed to stop the vehicle before it rolled into the middle of a busy intersection.

According to Leslie Bicknell of Albuquerque, NM, she noticed two children in a minivan when she pulled into a parking space at a local strip mall. As Bicknell watched, one of the children put the vehicle into drive and it began to roll backwards.

“I literally watched her shift it into gear,” said Bicknell. “I knew what was going to happen.”

Fearing for the children’s safety, Bicknell jumped out of her car and tried to stop the minivan, but her plan backfired as her pickup truck began to roll toward the street as well.

“I must’ve knocked my own car in gear jumping out,” explained Bicknell. “I left the door wide open.”

Fortunately, Bicknell’s car rolled behind the minivan and actually prevented it from entering traffic. According to reports, the mother of the children had left them in the car while she shopped in a nearby convenience store. There’s no official word on whether the mother will be charged for the incident, but we vote yes.

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