Saturday, April 2nd is the day everyone around the world is encouraged to Light it Up Blue!  It is World Autism Awareness Day.  Did you know that autism effects 1 in 68 and seems to be more prevalent in boys.  In fact it is diagnosed 4 times more in boys that girls.  I have a son who has autism and I would love for you to join me as we Light It Up Blue on Saturday, April 2nd.

Here's I video I did last year to encourage everyone to show their support for Autism.

Don't forget this was my video from last year, This year Autism Awareness Day is on Saturday, April 2nd.

My son was diagnosed with a high function form of Autism when he was 5.  Here's our story.

So please if you can on April 2nd, wear blue, light your house up blue, encourage your employers to light their buildings up blue as well.


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